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Innovation in technology now makes it possible to have coffee shop experience in your workplace.

There are two ways most businesses make coffee in the workplace:

Drip Method is to allow hot water to drip through a filter of pre-ground coffee beans and then into a carafe with the result a relatively inconsistent diluted coffee whose taste quickly deteriorates as it ages and evaporates. If the carafe and filters are not cleaned properly and you are not using filtered water this can lead to bitter tasting coffee cup after cup.

Pod/Sac Method will generally create a consistent taste to your coffee, if the coffee units are cleaned regularly and filtered water is being used. The coffee used is freeze dried and the containers, in most cases, are not bio degradable. Specialty coffees incorporate artificial flavours.

In contrast, our coffee is made, one cup at a time, by forcing steam into a much finer grind of coffee. The result is a rich cup of gourmet coffee because the beans are freshly ground, at the touch of a button, and the coffee never sits around in a carafe, becoming bitter and unhealthy. We always incorporate filtered water.

Our units are professionally serviced and cleaned on a regular program at no charge to the customer. You will never have to fill or clean again!